Kielder Castle was built in 1775 and although called a castle, it was in fact built as a hunting lodge for The 1st Duke of Northumberland.
It was designed by architect William Temple in a Gothic style and seems to have been updates in the 19th Century.
The Castle remained empty throughout much of the 20th Century before being bought by The Forestry Commission. It now houses a gift shop, café and exhibition centre.
It is said that a mound of burial stones or cairn was found in the area of The Castle that shows evidence of a burial site dating back to 3000BC, also we can look at the name of Kielder Burn which means “Violent Stream.”

                  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY

There has been many sightings in The Castle and grounds. They are many reports of full apparitions in the rooms of the locations. Poltergeist activity has been reported especially in the attic areas of the building.
I strong feeling of being watched has been felt mostly reported by females, making them feel uncomfortable and scared.